kalk is supported on the following platforms:

  • Windows x64, arm, arm64
  • Linux x64, arm64 (Debian derivatives - e.g Ubuntu - and distributions supporting RPM packages)
  • macOS x64, arm64 (High Sierra and higher)

Installation with .NET

If you have .NET 7.0 SDK already installed, you can then easily install kalk as a .NET global tool:

$ dotnet tool install --global kalk

If you have already kalk installed, use the update command:

$ dotnet tool update --global kalk


The easiest way to install kalk on Windows is to install it as a .NET global tool as described above.

Alternatively, you can download:

If you're a Scoop user, then you can install kalk from the official bucket:

$ scoop install kalk


On Ubuntu and all Debian derivatives

$ wget
$ sudo apt install ./kalk.0.11.0.linux-x64.deb

On CentOS, RHEL & Fedora (RPM)

$ wget
$ sudo rpm –i ./kalk.0.11.0.linux-x64.rpm


kalk requires a macOS with High Sierra or higher.

You can install kalk with homebrew

$ brew tap xoofx/kalk 
$ brew install kalk

You can upgrade kalk with the following brew command:

$ brew upgrade kalk

You can also download a tar.gz archive kalk.0.11.0.osx-x64.tar.gz