Welcome to the documentation of kalk!

kalk is a powerful command line calculator app for developers. In addition to the standard functions found in classic calculators, kalk provides several unique features:

  • Enhanced user experience within the command line: syntax highlighting, completion, brace matching, cursor on error, user defined keyboard shortcuts...
  • Vector/matrix types and functions similar to the HLSL shading language
  • x86 Intel Hardware intrinsics from SSE to AVX2
  • Several other modules to manipulate strings, perform web queries, file operations, currencies and standard units conversions...

This documentation is organized with the following parts:

  • A user guide explains how to use kalk and presents an overview of its features.
  • A reference API provides a complete listing of all builtin functions exposed by kalk.

You can participate in improving this documentation by clicking the "Edit" button on the right side of each page and open a Pull-Request directly on GitHub.